Conventional Spinning System

  • Murata Jet Spinning
  • Compact Spinning
  • Murata Vortex Spinning

Products Range

A broad range of spun yarns tailored for today's market as per customer's requirements are made by us. We are mainly focused towards - the development and production of Fancy/Novelty and Blended yarns. Monnoo Group is ideally suited to meet your needs as a one window shop by offering a wide range of yarns, which has been produced through the latest spinning processes and technology.

While we are especially known for our leadership in Fancy/Novelty yarns. Our product lines range from normal Ecru yarn, Top Dyed yarns, Melange Yarns and sewing threads used in many specialty applications for weaving, knitting , and home textiles. All types of following yarns produced in single and plied on paper cones and dye tubes.

  • Cotton Carded and Combed Yarns, Compact yarn, Cotton PVA Zero Twist Yarns and Plied Yarns
  • Cotton Lycra®/Spandex Cores Spun Yarn, Modal®/Cotton &Tencel®/Cotton Lycra® CSY.
  • Coolmax® with Lycra® CSY, Coolmax® for All season or Thermocool® CSY Yarns.
  • Lycra T-400® Core Spun yarn, Dual Fx OR Super Stretch Lycra Core spun yarn for Denim.
  • Modal®, Micro Modal®, Tencel®, Tencel C ®, Viscose, Bamboo Rayon Yarns.
  • Coolmax®, Coolmax Eco Made, CoolmaxFeshFX®, Coolmax® for All season OR Thermocool®, Thermolite®, Codura® NYCOA, Acrylic and Polyesters Yarns.
  • Polyester /Viscose and Neppy Yarns.

We also keep stock of our yarn and new products for immediate shipment, are ready to work dedicatedly with you to develop new products to meet your specific needs particularly in fancy yarns.