welcome to Monnoo Group

The Monnoo family is a traditional name in Pakistan that has been the story of success for the industrial growth of the country. A name that unique stands out as the pioneer industrial family that has played a significant role in the growth of the economy.


A broad range of spun yarns tailored for today's market as per customer's requirements are made by us. We are mainly focused towards - the development and production of Fancy/Novelty and Blended yarns. Monnoo Group is ideally suited to meet your needs as a one window shop by offering a wide range of yarns, which has been produced through the latest spinning processes and technology.

Real Estate

Monnoo Group, a reputable market leader known for his professional efforts and contribution towards National development have diversified to include real estate development, comprehensive property services and lifestyle management, under the title of Izhar-Monnoo developers, as a joint venture company. It has started changing and beautifying the very landscape of Lahore with innovative mixed-use urban development.


Agriculture is the essence of Pakistan contributing as crucial sector in social economic development of the country. Beside cultivation of Sugarcane, Rice, wheat & Vegetables, we have also strengthened our position with some remarkable changes since independence, with increased level of sophisticated technologies, application of modern bio-technologies and rendering considerable importance in fruit trees, Such as Mangoes, Kinoos, Oranges in plain and hills areas.

Power Sector

Monnoo Group of Industries has 22.8MW Power Generation capacity built at various sites. Out of this a 4.6MW HFO Power Plant was built in 1998 as Monnoo Energy Limited at Chichoo Ki Mallian Sheikhupura to supply Power to its adjoining Textile units. 18.2MW gas generation units were built in Textile units located at Mian Channu, Raiwind Road Lahore, Mureedkay,Hassanabdal and are supplying power to its respective Textile units.


Monnoo Group owns 12 Textile units, Agricultural Farms and extensive research units catering to various agricultural products. As innovators in their fields, the Group has kept pace with the latest state of the art technologies, through which the Group now produces superior international quality products for clients worldwide. The Monnoo Group has developed with remarkable speed from a traditional, family owned textile company into a modern high-tech industrial and agricultural conglomerate. The core business of Monnoo Group is international product recognition in Textiles (Yarns, Ecru yarn, Fancy/Novelty yarns, Melange Yarns and sewing threads) and in Agriculture products (Sugar, Tissue Culture, Orchards and Farms).With outstanding growth and development in yarns and bringing about innovations in fancy yarns, they have one of the most sophisticated and modern mills in Pakistan.


ISO 9001-2008 Certified

Monnoo Group of Industries a symbol of progress of Pakistan textile spinning industries. We are one of the early birds who achieved ISO 9000 certification in Pakistan with aim of striving for TQM. Commitment of the top management has played vital role in developing, implementing the quality management system. We are working on SA 8000 social accountability and ISO 14000 environmental management systems.

Performance Award

Trophy awarded to Monnoo Group of Industries for best export performance in 100% man-made fibre yarn.

Trophy awarded to Tribal Textile Mills Ltd for export performance in 100% man-made fibre yarn.